ADLSA Demands Companies to Set a Labour Regulation List

The Ministry of Administrative Development, Labour and Social Affairs (MADLSA), demanded employers to make sure that they set a labour regulation list, and a list of disciplinary regulation, and obtain its approval from the labour relations department at MADLSA, in execution of the law that obliges anyone who employes ten workers or more to set a labour regulation list at the Establishment.

In order for the regulations and amendments to be valid, they should be submitted for review by the concerned department for approval, where the list is considered to be approved in the case that the department did not approve it within a month of its submission.The employer commits to displaying the regulation list in a focal area at the establishment so that workers can look at it, and the same goes for the disciplinary regulation list which includes violations and disciplinary actions that are signed by their committers, with the conditions and procedures of signing them, and where disciplinary regulations are issued in accordance with the nature of work across different sectors so that employers are guided by it in setting their own regulations.

The department further explained that inspectors at MADLSA conduct inspection campaigns at worksites and establishments subject to the Labour Law, in a way that ensures that regulations are highlighted and renewed through periodic surprise visits, where official workers' documents are checked along with their bank cards to ensure meeting their rights, in addition to reviewing received complaints and determining their validity in coordination with the related departments at MADLSA, and where the Labour Inspection Department performs its role in inspecting companies headquarters to check their records, and provide work contracts and laborers documents.

Additionally, MADLSA insisted that there is an annual yearly assessment to know the degree of adherence to the Laws and decisions regularizing work inspection, awareness campaigns that aims to introduce labour law, safety and professional health, and exchanged rights between the employer and employees.

Source: Government of Qatar

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