Brigadier Al Malki: 7 Million Transactions through Metrash 2 Application

Brigadier Abdul Rahman Ali Al Farahid Al Malki, Assistant Director-General of Information Systems at the Ministry of Interior revealed the number of transactions through Metrash 2 application, which amounted to about 7 million transactions during the year 2020, indicating that the number of users reached (2) two million users.

Brigadier Al-Maliki told the “Police with You” program that was broadcast on Qatar Radio, that the Ministry of Interior, through Metrash 2 application, won the Gold Award, which is given to the best government digital application for smart devices in terms of content, service provided, use, design, functionality, access to the application and user experience.

He indicated that the Ministry of Interior’s winning of the gold award for the application of Metrash 2 resulted from the use and method of completing direct transactions without the need to review the ministry’s service departments or review any security center.


Source: Government of Qatar

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