Democracy: Placing the occupation army on the blacklist requires boycotting and stopping the supply of ammunition to it

Gaza: The Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine praised the United Nations decision to blacklist the Israeli occupation army, as a killer of Palestinian children, and saw this as a victory for the children of Palestine over the occupation army, a victory for international justice, and a step towards affirming the legitimate, inalienable national rights of our people. . The Democratic Front said, for the third time, international justice stands by our people and their cause. The first was the decision of the International Court of Justice, obliging Israel to stop the comprehensive war of genocide against our people, and the second was the International Criminal Prosecutor's lawsuit against Netanyahu and Gallant, as they represent the Israeli leadership at the political and military levels. The Democratic Front called on the countries of the world to comprehensively boycott the Israeli occupation army, to stop supplying it with weapons and ammunition, to stop its participation in bilateral or colle ctive training, to expel its military students from international universities, or to stop the participation of its delegates in international conferences, by imposing international isolation on Israel. As a rogue state, its aggressive actions have risen to the level of war crimes and genocide, which requires an international movement to expel it from the United Nations, so that it will suffer the same fate that South Africa suffered during the apartheid regime Source: Maan News Agency