Growing ties between Sri Lanka and Saudi Arabia, reveals some positive signs of current foreign policy of K.S.A

The current shift of K.S.A’s foreign policy

You may differ from this theory, but it is the fact that since the Gulf turmoil kicked off, powerful countries of the region have started making friends globally and that is because they think that instability of the region may affect us, and that has left them with an option of increasing ties even with countries, with whom they did not have much stronger ties before. This is good for them to have strong ties with countries from all across the world in order to heading towards progress, but with that bring the Gulf region towards peace and stability is also their responsibility and for that every country of the reason has to play its part.

Saudi Arabia and its focus on South Asian region

In the recent times, the world has witnessed that the Saudi Arabia has also put its focus on South Asian region and improving the ties with that specific region’s countries seems to be its one of the integral parts of its foreign policy. The current government of Saudi Arabia, has kicked off improving ties with South Asian countries by first enhancing relation with one of the leading countries of the South Asian region, which is none other than India and the current state of Saudi Arabia has also clarified that improving ties with other countries of the South Asian region will not affect the brotherly relation of Pakistan and Saudi Arabia. This sort of positive message from Saudi Arabia can be a way to normalize ties among South Asian region’s rivals such as Pakistan and India and it can also be a way for Saudi Arabia to have strong economic ties with both rivals and that will definitely boost up the South Asian region’s economy as well as K.S.A’s economy.

Saudi Arabia and Sri Lanka’s ties

In the recent times, the current government of Saudi Arabia has been seen improving ties with Sri Lanka and has revealed its interest in collaborating with Sri Lanka in all fields and the recently signed agreement between both these two countries, is its continuation. The governments of both sides have agreed upon setting up an electronic system that will streamline recruitment from the island nation.

An insight of that agreement

The Saudi Deputy Labor Minister for Customer and labor Relations Ziad Al-Sayegh, stated that the two countries signed the agreement recently and that took place in Colombo, during the bi-annual joint technical committee meeting which happened to monitor the progress of labor relations. Al Sayegh also said that the electronic system will start functioning through the Saudi Musaned website, and will keep a tab on the charges levied by the exporting countries and wages of domestic workers. It will help in increasing competitiveness between recruitment agencies and will also eliminate delays.

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