Humanitarian Aid in Two Years Exceeds QR 5 BN

Doha, July 22 (QNA) - The Department of  International Development at the  Foreign Ministry said that the total  developmental and humanitarian aid, provided by the State of Qatar (governmental and non-governmental) in the years 2010 -2011 amounted to QR 5,337,430,71, distributed to 108 countries worldwide.
   The department, at a press conference held at the Foreign Ministry Headquarters, showed that the aid took many forms such as contributions, donations, material, in-kind and technical grants as well as  support of humanitarian or developmental projects.
    HE the  Minister of State for Foreign Affairs Dr. Khalid bin Mohamed Al-Attiyah said in an introductory statement to a report issued by the Foreign Ministry's International Development  Department to this effect, that Qatar's assistance was aimed to alleviate poverty, spread basic education and  provide emergency response and urgent relief to face  disasters and crises, adding that it also  aims to contribute to the Millennium Development Goals.
    HE the Minister of State for Foreign Affairs said Qatar's assistance is a translation of the objectives of international cooperation in the Qatar National Vision for the year 2030 in order to achieve security and stability through  development and humanitarian initiatives based on the correct path drawn up by HH the Emir Sheikh Hamad bin Khalifa  Al-Thani and HH the Heir Apparent Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad al-Thani.
    Dr. Al-Attiyah explained that the report provides detailed information and  statistics on aid from donor bodies (governmental  or non-governmental) according to international standards and their references such as the Financial Tracking Service (FTS) of the UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA) and the  Development Assistance Committee (DAC) of the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD). It also sheds light on the nature and type of assistance and the areas and sectors to whom the development and humanitarian assistance and aid  have been directed as well as the beneficiaries, whether being government agencies, international organizations  or non-governmental organizations.
   Dr. Khalid bin Mohamed Al-Attiyah said according to the report, the area of Qatar's humanitarian assistance has widened to include distant and many geographical areas around the world, and not limited to the regional Arab and Islamic geographical proximity as emergency aid  was  provided during  a number of major disasters such as floods of  Pakistan, Haiti and Japan earthquakes,  to drought-hit Corn of Africa, in addition to Palestine and Darfur which suffer from humanitarian crises.

HE the Minister of State for Foreign Affairs said the aid the nature and quality of the assistance covers many areas,  from urgent relief at emergency times to reconstruction programmes and contribution to the support of  sustainable developments projects such as health and education projects, to confronting food securities problems resulting from climate change, besides protecting the right to education during disputes as well as  support of minorities and support of civilians.
  He emphasized that the Qatari method of humanitarian and developmental work is characterized by the multiple number of channels used in providing assistance including direct bilateral support to the beneficiary governments as well as  multilateral support with international organizations through financial or executive partnerships, explaining that the State of Qatar enjoys distinguished relations with many international organizations and specialized agencies.
 HE Al-Attiyah noted that Qatar believes in the need to expand the  participation of  all  active parties of the society such as government organizations and corporations, humanitarian and charitable organizations and private sector companies  to address humanitarian and developmental challenges to in finding successful ways to solve  humanitarian problems across the globe.
 He pointed out that the State Qatar has organized many conferences and conventions to address many issues related to the organizing of humanitarian efforts at times of disasters and natural crises  in the Arab world with the view of revitalizing regional tools and means in humanitarian crises.
 HE Al-Attiya cited Qatar's launching of the "Hope For" Initiative to increase the effectiveness of using military resources in disaster relief as well as a regional privilege center to help improve the use of military resources in confronting natural disasters.
 He stressed the need to further collaborate with all the active parties including the United Nations bodies to help reduce the catastrophes' effects.
 Concluding the statement, HE Al Attiyah said that Qatar gives  high priority to discussing the related issues with many countries, various organizations as well as  national and regional bodies for better coordinated efforts.  
  Acting Director of the Department of International Development  at  the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Dr. Ahmad Mohammad Al-Meraikhi said at  a press conference that the scales  related to the Qatari  humanitarian and developmental assistance show rapid growth in size, geographical coverage and beneficiaries.
 He noted that the report aims to achieve high transparency by reviewing the data of Qatari foreign aid,  its nature and characteristics. It also aims to improve the effectiveness of aides by evaluating the assistance provided by the State in accordance with highest international standards. He  pointed  out that hat the availability of information will give a strategic dimension to the Qatari foreign aid and will support  decision-makers in directing and organizing the Qatari foreign aid in order to achieve alignment with the Qatar national Vision 2030 and Qatar's strategy which is based on international cooperation and human solidarity.
 Dr. Al-Murekhi reviewed the report,  which cover four sections including the details of total government aid,  the total non-governmental aid,   the activities of the Qatari humanitarian organizations , and  Qatar's contributions  to  most important international initiatives. (qna)

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