MOCI Reimposes Restrictions on Contractors Preparing and Organizing Weddings and Events

The Ministry of Commerce and Industry (MOCI) has announced its decision to impose some restrictions on contractors preparing and organizing weddings and events. This decision is in line with developments and updates to complement the previous decisions and measures taken by the State of Qatar to preserve the safety and health of citizens and residents and curb the spread of the Coronavirus (COVID-19).

The decision obliges contractors preparing and organizing weddings and events to comply with the precautionary and preventive measures set by the MOCI, the Ministry of Public Health and the Ministry of Interior.

Guidelines underlined by the decision are as follows:

– Postponing or canceling indoor weddings, halls, and outdoor spaces until further notice, with the exception of weddings held in homes or Majalis.

– The presence of the invitees is limited to family members of the husband and wife, in the presence of no more than 10 people in
closed places (home or Majlis) and 20 people in open places in the house.

– All individuals and contractors preparing and organizing weddings must obtain a pre-approval to hold a wedding ceremony through (Metrash2) mobile app.

– Not allowing employees and invitees to enter except after verifying the color of the health status indicated in Ehteraz app, and only holders of the green code are allowed entry.

– It is necessary to check and measure the temperature of all employees and invitees, and allowing entry only for individuals whose temperature is less than 38 degrees Celsius.

– The necessary and explained controls, procedures and precautionary measures must be adhered to organize the arrival of the invitees, as well as to ensure that these procedures are implemented during the duration of the ceremony.


Source: Government of Qatar

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