MOI Publishes New Issue of the “Strategic Security Studies” Magazine

The Ministry of Interior (MOI), represented by the Center of Strategic Security Studies, has launched the third issue of the “Strategic Security Studies” magazine (a periodic, bi-annual, and peer-reviewed) magazine. The magazine focused on the Corona pandemic (COVID-19) and its impact on national security, the latest developments related to it, and the strategies used to confront it, through the issue sections represented in studies, research, scientific articles and follow-ups that dealt with conferences, seminars and scientific symposia related to the topic, in addition to book presentations, and recent books.

The magazine also discussed with research and analysis the role of the police forces in light of the Corona pandemic, the problems of the traditional concept of state power in light of the pandemic, the importance of the role of security media and crisis management strategies, in addition to the role of modern communication means in spreading health security awareness, the geopolitical effects of this pandemic and its implications for national security.



Source: Civil Aviation Authority-Qatar

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