PM agrees to discuss the demands of Basra Council at the next cabinet meeting

Basra Provincial Council member Hassan Shaddad Al-Faris announced: 'Prime Minister Muhammad Al-Sudani directed that the demands of the local Basra government be discussed in the next cabinet session, which includes establishing new schools on both sides of the Basra-Baghdad road, in addition to constructing pedestrian bridges and placing traffic signs near schools located along the Basra-Baghdad main road. Al-Faris added in a statement: 'These demands were taken in today's extraordinary session of the Provincial Council and were submitted to the Prime Minister directly through the Governor of Basra,' noting, 'Al-Sudani immediately directed that these demands be included and discussed in the next Council of Ministers session.' He pointed out that "the Council decided to host the Director of Traffic, the Director of Education, and the Mayor of Al-Hartha district in the next session, in addition to evaluating the work of the directors of administrative units in Basra Governorate." Source: National Iraqi News Agency