QU Announces the Launch of Online Orientation Program for New Students on 1 January 2021

Qatar University (QU) has announced the launch of online orientation program for new students in spring 2021, which will be on 1 January 2021. During the program, a series of videos and presentations will be provided, and they will allow a new student to have access to the most salient information regarding university life and services that are provided for a student.

The online orientation program sheds light on the main policies and academic and educational expectations at QU. Moreover, the program highlights the importance of student university life outside classrooms. In addition, the program highlights the most important means of communication and a virtual tour will be conducted at the campus in order to familiarize with facilities. A student can attend the online orientation program and register courses in front of the monitor very flexibly and easily.

Students who have not completed the online orientation program will not be able to register courses or attend lectures during registered semester. Thereby, they must reapply for university admission since their admission will be cancelled.

When completing the program successfully, a student will receive a message via email on instructions for course registration, as well as ID number and password.


Source: Government of Qatar

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