QU Conducts Survey on Cost and Production of Agriculture

The Social and Economic Survey Research Institute at Qatar University (QU-SESRI) carried out the first phase survey of agricultural productivity and costs. The exercise was based on the agreement of understanding between the Ministry of Municipality and Environment (MME) and Qatar University, which included the implementation of the agricultural census in Qatar 2021.

The field work of the survey was launched on April 8 this year. The results will help in a deep understanding of the cost of crop composition and livestock care according to the various stages and different activities. The survey will also provide an accurate estimate of crop production, size and dynamism of livestock and herd movement in Qatar.

QU-SESRI Director Prof. Kaltham Ali Al Ghanim, appealed to the owners of the estates, selected farms, and holdings in the sample to respond and contribute to the success of the survey, which is the first-of-its-kind in Qatar. According to the methodology, data collection is planned to last for a period of 40 weeks in which the researchers consisting of veterinarians and agricultural engineers fill out a form prepared for listing agricultural operations and their costs from the preparation stage to marketing.

Source: Government of Qatar

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