Souk Waqif Dates Festival Kicks Off July 10

Ahmed Al Yafei, Head of the Guidance and Services Department in the Agricultural Affairs Department at the Ministry of Municipality and Environment (MME), revealed the launch of the sixth local date festival on 10 July to 24 July in the northern square in Souq Waqif. He stated that 80 farms will present their production at the festival, and laboratory tests have been conducted in the laboratories of the Ministry of Public Health on samples of dates that will be displayed at the festival to ensure that they are free of chemical pesticide residues.

The local date festival aims to improve the local marketing of Qatari agricultural products, as MME believes in the importance of marketing in improving the quality of agricultural production and reducing wastage, which creates increased demand for it, and contributes to motivating farmers to use advanced modern technology in the agricultural field and to increase and raise production quality.

Source: Government of Qatar