The Advisory Council Discusses Draft Law on Concession to Woqod

The Advisory Council, at its weekly meeting chaired by Speaker HE Ahmed bin Abdullah bin Zaid Al Mahmoud yesterday, discussed a draft law on the concession granted to Qatar Fuel Company (Woqod) for the marketing, sale, and transportation of gas and petroleum products.

Subsequently, the council referred the draft law to the Economic and Financial Affairs Committee for consideration and report thereon to the council.

Furthermore, the council discussed the report of the Services and the Public Utilities Committee on a draft law regulating the acquisition of dangerous animals and organisms.

Under the draft law, it is prohibited to acquire, import, export or trade any of the dangerous animals and organisms without a license from the competent department. It is also prohibited to take a walk or hike with any of the dangerous animals and organisms in public places. The draft law defines penalties for those who violate its provisions.

After discussion, the council approved the draft law and decided to transmit its recommendations thereon to the esteemed government.

Source: Government of Qatar

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