The Advisory Council Discusses Draft Law on DNA Database

The Advisory Council, at its regular weekly meeting held yesterday under the chairmanship of HE the Speaker Ahmed bin Abdullah bin Zaid Al Mahmoud, discussed a draft law on setting up a DNA database in the country.

Under the draft law, a DNA database shall be established at the Ministry of Interior (MOI). It shall be attached to the competent authority at the ministry. The database shall be used to store genetic information obtained from DNA samples as per the law. The genetic information shall be stored for 30 years and shall be removed after the expiry of this period.

The Data stored in the DNA database shall be confidential and cannot be viewed without the permission of MOI, the Public Prosecutor or a competent court. The use of biological samples taken for purposes other than those provided for in the draft law, which specifies the penalties to be applied to those who violate it, is prohibited. The Council decided to refer the draft law to the Internal and External Affairs Committee for further study and a report.

Source: Government of Qatar

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