The President of the Republic stresses to a parliamentary delegation the importance of approving the necessary legislation related to the needs of citizens

The President of the Republic, Abdul Latif Jamal Rashid, received today, Monday, at the Baghdad Palace, the delegation of the State of Law Parliamentary Bloc, headed by Representative Yasser Al-Maliki.

During the meeting, the President of the Republic stressed the importance of consolidating security and stability, especially since the country is on a date for holding provincial elections at the end of this year, and the need to provide the appropriate atmosphere for the success of this democratic experiment and to ensure its integrity and transparency.

The President also stressed the importance of speeding up the adoption of the necessary legislation related to the needs of citizens, referring to the role of the people's representatives in adopting the people's demands in a way that provides them with a free and decent life.

The President spoke about draft laws submitted by the Presidency of the Republic, which are awaiting discussion and approval in the House of Representatives, stressing that the Presidency of the Republic has given the water file a great priority by presenting a draft law to form the Supreme Water Council, which will adopt water policies and plans for several years in Iraq.

In this context, he pointed out that the water crisis in Iraq requires concerted efforts at the local and international levels, especially in improving the management of water resources and modernizing agricultural methods to benefit from water, in addition to making efforts to obtain a fair and sufficient share to cover the needs of citizens.

In this context, the President of the Republic indicated that discussions are taking place with the Turkish side regarding the water crisis, and several Turkish officials visited Iraq during the past days, and the need to provide Iraq with the operational plan for water in Turkey and the projects that are being built on the Tigris and Euphrates rivers and Iraq's share of water were discussed. He stressed the importance of reaching understandings and agreements with upstream countries in this regard.

He added that the Presidency of the Republic also submitted draft laws related to amending the drug law, amending the dissolved Revolutionary Command Council’s decision to divide residential homes into 100 square meters, and the draft law on empowering women, stressing the Presidency’s readiness to provide support and facilities for the approval of these projects.

Rashid also spoke about the efforts undertaken by the Presidency of the Republic to resolve the cases of detainees and release prisoners whose sentences have ended. A meeting was held in the Presidency of the Republic with the relevant authorities, where a committee was formed from the Ministries of Justice, Interior, Labor and Social Affairs and the Supreme Judicial Council in order to resolve this issue and take into account Juvenile and women detainees and prisoners, referring in this regard to the release of more than six thousand detainees until last July.

For their part, the members of the State of Law bloc delegation expressed their happiness at the meeting, stressing their appreciation for the President's positions and his comprehensive view of preserving the rights of Iraqis of all components, enhancing security and stability for citizens and improving their living conditions.

They pointed out that the delegation sought to establish the Council for Strategic Policies to address the political, social, environmental and agricultural aspects and the water crisis, and they also expressed their hope for its support for the work of the Council, as it was decided to coordinate with the parliamentary blocs and the Presidency of the Republic.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency