/17/ people accused of various legal matters arrested, and unexploded grenades removed in Baghdad


Federal Police forces arrested 17 people accused of various legal matters, and removed unexploded grenades in Baghdad.

A statement by the Federal Police Command stated that the security effort and close follow-up of the responsibility branches in Baghdad resulted in the Federal Police units, in cooperation with the intelligence effort, being able to arrest 17 persons accused on various legal charges that varied between (premeditated murder, attempted murder, theft, and seizure of unlicensed weapons) in the areas of (Al-Amin, Al-Nahrawan, Al-Mada'in, Al-Fadhiliya, Al-Amel neighborhood, Al-Shaab, and Al-Shu'la).

It added: The unexploded bomb processing detachment was also summoned following information from a citizen about the presence of three grenades inside a bag. The place was cordoned off by units of the Second Federal Police Brigade and the bombs were removed without incident.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency