Al-Mandalawi demands that the circumstances of the tragic run-over accident be quickly revealed and calls for securing the vicinity of Iraqi schools

The Acting Speaker of the House of Representatives, Mohsen Al-Mandalawi, called for accelerating the disclosure of the results of the investigation into the incident of running over students in Al-Haritha District, north of Basra Governorate, in light of the committees that were formed yesterday, to identify and hold accountable those who were negligent in this tragic incident, and to mobilize possible medical efforts to treat the wounded. Al-Mandalawi made a number of phone calls with the concerned authorities in Basra Governorate, to find out the facts and circumstances of the incident, while offering his sincere condolences and sympathy to the families of the victims, and his wishes for a speedy recovery for all the wounded students, expressing his readiness to send critical cases for treatment outside Iraq if it is needed. In a statement today, Wednesday, he called on all governors to work to secure the vicinity of schools and take measures for complete safety, by imposing safe crossing zones and pedest rian bridges, in addition to the necessary coordination with the General Traffic Directorate and the concerned authorities regarding preventing large trucks from passing on the roads surrounding schools during Official working hours, and requiring all vehicles to go at a specific speed that is not allowed to be exceeded while driving near schools and populated areas. Source: National Iraqi News Agency