Al-Moussawi calls on Al-Mandalawi to hold an emergency session on the ‘Haritha’ incident and host Al-Eidani and Basra officials

MP of the Sadiqoun parliamentary bloc, Zainab Jumaa Al-Musawi, said, 'Al-Haritha incident is not the first of its kind, but there have been many cases of running over primary school students, and this is the result of mismanagement of Basra Governorate.' She added in a press statement issued by her media office: The Haritha incident reveals to us the extent of financial corruption in Basra Governorate and the inability of the executive authorities, starting from Governor Asaad Al-Eidani to the municipal officials in the governorate, to show significant failure in managing the most important governorates of Iraq in terms of oil, in addition to being Iraq's economic gateway. Al-Mousawi called on the acting Speaker of the House of Representatives, Mohsen Al-Mandalawi, to allocate an emergency session very soon, specifically before Eid Al-Fitr, to host Al-Eidani, governorate officials, and the mayor of Al-Haritha to find out the reasons for not building pedestrian crossing bridges on the highway in Al-Haritha. Source: National Iraqi News Agency