Al-Sudani and Erdogan sponsor the signing of quadripartite MoU between Iraq, Turkey, Qatar and the Emirates to cooperate in the Development Road Project

Prime Minister Muhammad Shiaa Al-Sudani and Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, in Baghdad today, sponsored the signing ceremony of a quadripartite memorandum of understanding between Iraq, Turkey, Qatar and the Emirates, aiming at joint cooperation on the strategic (development road project), in the presence of members of the two Turkish and the Iraqi delegations, including ministers and advisors. The Prime Minister's media office stated: 'The memorandum was signed on the Iraqi side by the Minister of Transport, Razzaq Muhaibas, and on the Turkish side by the Minister of Transport and Infrastructure, Abdulkadir Oraloglu. The Qatari side was signed by the Minister of Transportation, Jassim bin Saif Al-Sulaiti, and the Emirati side was signed by the Minister of Energy and Infrastructure, Suhail Mohammed Al Mazrouei. The memorandum of understanding includes the signatory countries developing the necessary frameworks for implementing the project. It is noteworthy that the Strategic Development Road Projec t will contribute to stimulating economic growth and strengthening regional and international cooperation relations by achieving economic integration and striving towards a sustainable economy between East and West. It will also work to increase international trade, facilitate movement and commerce, provide a new competitive transport route, and enhance regional economic prosperity . Source: National Iraqi News Agency