Alouk water station is out of service for the 4th month due to the Turkish occupation attacks in Hasaka


Turkish aggression has targeted the electric power holders that operate the Alouk water station in Hasaka province, several months ago and led to it being out of service and cutting off drinking water from Hasaka and the western countryside of the city. 'suffering of people to secure their drinking water needs efforts as a result of the Alouk station, their only source of water, continuing to stop working since the 3rd of last October, due to the cessation of its electrical supply sources resulting from the Turkish occupation targeting it several months ago, which led to its discharge, director of the Water Foundation, Eng. Mohammed Othman told SANA reporter. Eng. Othman added that the Foundation is continuing its efforts to secure the minimum amount of drinking water for the residents in cooperation with some partners in humanitarian organizations, noting that yesterday the Foundation received a quantity of fuel provided by the United Nations Children's Fund 'UNICEF' to continue operating water desalinatio n plants during the coming period. Source: Syrian Arab News Agency