An entertaining evening in Jaber neighborhood in Hebron

Hebron - Together - The Civil Society Authority for Human Rights Defenders and the Palestinian Center for Psychological Counseling organized an entertainment evening for children in Haret Jaber tonight, with the aim of psychological relief for the children and their families, as a result of the difficult conditions that the residents of the region are experiencing due to the Israeli occupation measures. Arif Jaber from the Human Rights Defenders Association, who lives in the neighborhood, said that the Israeli occupation has tightened the closure policy on the residents of the area and neighboring neighborhoods since October 7 of last year, and has escalated the acts of abuse and attacks by the occupation soldiers and settlers against the residents of the area and deliberately closed the checkpoints for periods of time. For a long period of time, citizens are not allowed to move except at certain times. He added that this evening was the second of its kind in the region, and children and their families part icipated in it amid an atmosphere of joy and pleasure. Source: Maan News Agency