Because of the earthquake, entire villages disappeared in Morocco

The Moroccan Minister of Justice, Abdel Latif Wehbe, said that a number of villages located in the vicinity of the epicenter of the devastating earthquake have disappeared permanently.

He added, in an interview with a television channel, that a number of old neighborhoods, some of which were historical, in the city of Taroudant were severely damaged.

Wehbe pointed out that the authorities are working to shelter residents who are unable to return to their homes in the affected areas, and are seeking to overcome road disruption in the vicinity of Taroudant, and our priority is to provide basic services.

A number of villages in Al Haouz region, the epicenter of the earthquake, witnessed great destruction, as the village of Tikagt in the Majat district on the outskirts of Chichaoua became devoid of people and life after it turned into rubble as a result of the massive repercussions resulting from the earthquake.

The Authorities were forced to use drones to help field crews discover bodies, in addition to using air planes to conduct a comprehensive survey of various material losses, and to deliver humanitarian aid to residents living in mountainous areas.

Mountain villages in the Adasil community in Al-Houz region also witnessed great destruction.

A devastating earthquake struck Morocco on Friday night, with an intensity of 7 degrees, and minutes later a second earthquake occurred, measuring nearly 5 degrees on the Richter scale, resulting in more than two thousand deaths and two thousand injuries, according to the Moroccan Interior Ministry.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency