Biden: The US does not intend to sell China products that contribute to the manufacture of nuclear weapons

US President, Joe Biden, announced that the United States does not intend to sell China products that would enhance its ability to produce nuclear weapons.

Biden said at a press conference in the Vietnamese capital, Hanoi, in response to a question about the slowdown in economic development in China that the United States "does not seek to harm China."

He added: "What I will not do is the sell of products to China that would increase its ability to manufacture more nuclear weapons and carry out defense activities that conflict with what most consider to be positive changes in the region."

He continued: "This trip focuses less on containing China. I have no desire to contain China. I just want us to build relationships in a predictable way and for each of us to understand how things are going."

John James, a member of the US House of Representatives from Michigan, previously considered that Russia and China are working to remove the United States from the Global South while President Joe Biden shows “weakness.”

Source: National Iraqi News Agency