Brain fog..what is it? What are its possible causes?


Bethlehem - Together - Brain fog is a type of cognitive dysfunction that leads to confusion, memory problems, and lack of concentration. What is brain fog? Healthline said that brain fog is not a medical condition in itself but a symptom of other medical conditions. It is a type of cognitive dysfunction that includes: memory problems - lack of mental clarity - poor concentration. Some people also describe it as "mental fatigue." Brain fog can affect your work, school, or other daily tasks. What are its possible causes? There are several reasons why brain fog occurs: Stress: Chronic stress can increase blood pressure, weaken the immune system, trigger depression, and may also cause mental fatigue. Lack of sleep: Poor sleep may affect the quality of human brain functions, according to research conducted in 2021, so it is usually recommended to sleep daily for a period of between 8 and 9 hours. Hormonal changes: 2018 research found that hormonal changes can also cause brain fog. For example, progestero ne and estrogen levels rise during pregnancy, leading to some effect on short-term memory. Diet: Diet can also play a role in brain fog. It is known that Vitamin B12 supports healthy brain functioning, which means that a deficiency in this vitamin may affect cognitive function and cause brain fog. Medications: You should always talk to your doctor, if you notice 'mental fatigue' while taking a particular medication. Brain fog is a known side effect of some medications, such as some sleep medications and pain medications. Source: Maan News Agency