CRA Issues the Standard on Inbuilding Wiring

The Communications Regulatory Authority (CRA) has issued the document for the Standard on Inbuilding Wiring, in accordance with its powers stipulated in the Telecommunications Law. The aim is to urge property developers, consultants, and building owners to work with licensed telecom Service Providers, and follow the specifications stipulated in the document's framework at an early stage, each according to its responsibilities.

The Standard includes a set of technical guidelines, specifications, requirements, and procedures for internal wiring of various building types such as multi-dwelling units, a compound of villas, schools, warehouses, and labor accommodation. CRA has developed the Standard to achieve a set of objectives, including setting a common and neutral standard as well as requirements for inbuilding wiring that are similar to best practice standards implemented globally and facilitating the rollout of Fiber to the x (FTTx) networks and inbuilding mobile networks.

Ali Al Suwaidi, the Technical Affairs Department Director at CRA said: “The Information and Communications Technology (ICT) sector is developing rapidly; therefore, CRA was keen to develop the Standard on Inbuilding Wiring to balance current and future requirements and support the deployment of fiber networks for the benefit of all stakeholders in the field and to contribute to the development of the ICT sector.”

He added, “the Standard will be reviewed regularly, taking into consideration new developments and experiences, to keep it current and guarantee the optimal technical and commercial approach in the future. We look forward to the cooperation of all stakeholders in complying with the Standard and contributing to its improvement.”

Source: Government of Qatar