Digital Transformation of SMEs Program Launches Virtual 5 New Workshops

The Digital Transformation of Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) Program, which is one of the initiatives launched by the Ministry of Transport and Communications, has launched virtual five new workshops on the Internet, within its plan seeking to promote the digital transformation of SMEs in the State of Qatar.

The Program aims at empowering companies to excel in the use of modern technology and bolstering the awareness on the benefits of its use in the business sector, in a manner that it will optimize various technologies to save the time, efforts and cost and increase productivity, profitability and innovation.

The Program focuses in this regard on specific areas for the SMEs. They are the cloud services, how to run businesses more efficiently with the cloud computing solutions, e-commerce and how products or services are sold at any time, whether it is locally or worldwide. They also include the web presence, or the presence on the Internet and how to market products and services in the local market by the electronic media tools and social media website channels.

Source: Government of Qatar