Education and Higher Education: The occupation’s destruction of the Palestine University buildings is a continuation of the approach of targeting educational institutions

Ramallah - Ma'an - The Ministry of Education and Higher Education condemned the Israeli occupation's destruction of the Palestine University buildings on the university's main campus in Madinat Al-Zahra in the Gaza Strip, as part of the ongoing war of genocide against the Strip for months. The Ministry confirmed that the destruction of the University of Palestine and other higher education institutions before it; It comes within the occupation's systematic criminal policy that aims to destroy the basics of life in the Gaza Strip, in order to force Palestinian citizens to displace and emigrate. The Ministry called on all human rights, humanitarian and media institutions and all free people in the world to shoulder their responsibilities to stop the occupation crimes that have been continuing for months in the Gaza Strip, which included the destruction of a number of higher education institutions and the killing of hundreds of their students and workers. She said that the occupation continues its crimes and violations of all international laws, conventions and norms that protect educational and academic institutions and criminalizes attacks on them, stressing that these crimes would not have continued without the absolute international silence towards them, indicating that higher education institutions will rise up and continue their mission despite the occupation's violations and crimes. Source: Maan News Agency