Erdogan: Terrorism has no place in the future of Turkey and the region in general

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan stressed that terrorist organizations have no place in the future of Turkey and the entire region. Erdogan said in his speech today during his participation in a Ramadan Iftar organized by the Turkish Presidency for members of the Turkish Security Service, Gendarmerie, and Coast Guard: We are determined to show everyone that there is no place for terrorism in the future of Turkey and the region in general. He added that Turkey is closely following attempts to re-empower terrorist organizations that are breathing their last. Erdogan pointed out that his country's armed forces are waging a very effective and successful struggle against all terrorist organizations without any discrimination. He also said: "We are reaping the fruits of our strategy of striking terrorists in their hideouts, and thanks to our successful operations, the PKK terrorist organization is almost finished." He added: "Thanks to our operations in Syria and Iraq, we were able to remove ISIS and the PKK/YPG from our borders, and we will continue our operations against terrorism with all determination." Erdogan stressed that those who try to organize Turkey's politics, economy and diplomacy through terrorist organizations will not be able to achieve their goals. Source: National Iraqi News Agency