European writers and journalists call for lifting the unjust Western siege on Syria

Several European writers and journalists affirmed, during a dialogue meeting in the Arab Writers Union, supporting Syria and standing by it, calling for lifting the unjust Western siege on the Syrian people.

The meeting, which was held in cooperation with the World Organization for the Support of People’s Sovereignty, under the title “Have the Europeans stopped following American policy?” included discussing many political and humanitarian issues, in addition to helping the victims of the earthquake hit Syria last February

Head of the Organization, researcher and member of the Writers Union, Adnan Azzam, pointed out in his speech to the importance of the European delegation standing by Syria, as it is the source of civilizations.

For his part, Head of the Arab Writers Union, Dr. Muhammad al-Hourani, indicated in a statement to reporters that the meeting is part of the union’s work with the aim of informing the West of the truth about what happened during the terrorist war on Syria and the unjust siege on it, indicating that relations with writers and media professionals contribute to Uncover the truth.

Source: Syrian Arab News Agency