Federal Police arrests (10) defendants in various legal cases in Baghdad and Babylon

Federal Police forces arrested (10) defendants in various legal cases in Baghdad and Babylon. The Federal Police Command stated in a statement: 'The detachments of the First Division arrested two accused in accordance with the provisions of the two legal articles (attempted murder, quarrel) in the areas of (Al-Kargouliyah and Al-Wahda), and the detachments of the Second Division also executed a judicial order to arrest two accused of the crime (rape), West of the capital, Baghdad, and the arrest during patrols in Al-Hussein neighborhood of a person accused of stealing electrical wires from a house under construction belonging to a citizen who filed a lawsuit against him. It added: 'Within the Mechanized Division sector in the Al-Salam neighborhood apartments, Babylon Governorate, the detachments arrested (5) defendants in accordance with the legal articles (possession of unlicensed weapons, execution, and impersonation) along with the seizure of a Kalashnikov rifle. Source: National Iraqi News Agency