Government Poll: 78% Confidence In The Performance Of Al-Sudani Government


The opinion team in the Council of Advisors of the Council of Ministers conducted an opinion poll on the political and service performance of Prime Minister Muhammad Al-Sudani to identify trends in public opinion regarding public services and policies carried out by government agencies, and to identify citizens’ confidence in the performance of the Prime Minister during the first eight months of his government's life.

The results of the poll, which were reviewed by the National Iraqi News Agency /NINA/, showed: “38% of the respondents have complete confidence in the political and service performance of Prime Minister Muhammad Al-Sudani, while 40% answered that they trust his performance “to some extent,” and 22% responded with "I don't trust."

The survey, which was conducted in accordance with scientific controls, adopted a random sample method, which numbered about (9,000) people from all age, social and occupational groups, distributed among all governorates of Iraq, including the governorates of the Kurdistan region.

They were asked one question about (the extent of their confidence in the government and service performance of the Prime Minister), and the answer choices were, (I completely trust), (I trust to some extent), (I do not trust).

Al-Qadisiyah Governorate came in first place, with 18% of voters, and the majority of their answers were divided between “I am completely confident” and “I am somewhat confident,” followed by Baghdad Governorate with a participation rate of 16 %, and Sulaymaniyah Governorate came in last place with a participation rate of 1 %.

The results revealed a weakness in women’s interest in the survey topic, as the percentage of participants in the survey reached only 16%, compared to 84% of men.

The results of the poll also showed that the percentage of job seekers was the highest among voters, reaching 36%. The answers of the majority of them were divided between “I completely trust” and “I trust to some extent,” while the lowest percentage was for those who answered “I do not trust.”

It is noteworthy that the survey was completed in cooperation with the Media and Communications Authority and the National Data Center, and will be followed by other surveys on an ongoing basis to follow up on public opinion trends regarding government performance and public policies in a way that helps the concerned authorities in drawing or amending them.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency