GWM Holds the 8th Technology Festival and Officially Released Its 2025 Strategy

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BAODING, China, July 1, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — “GWM 2025 Strategy Global Launch Conference and the 8th Technology Festival Opening Ceremony” was grandly held in Baoding HAVAL Technical Center on June 28th. GWM officially launched its 2025 strategy, which aims to achieve its annual global sales of 4 million vehicles by 2025, of which 80% are new energy vehicles, with operating revenue exceeding 600 billion CNY, and is expected to invest up to 100 billion CNY in R&D.

Jack Wei , Chairman of GWM

Jack Wei, Chairman of GWM, said at the conference, “The only way for Chinese auto brands to surpass our competitors in the real sense is to magnify their own advantages in a quick manner in the next three to five years to lead in the field of new energy and intelligence. Moreover, the opportunity for Chinese automobile brands knocks only once. ”

In the future, GWM will push hard for comprehensive and thorough innovation and change, and continuously build competitiveness to take the lead in the new field and promote transformation of GWM into a global technology-driven mobility company on the basis of the new positioning of “global layout”, “large investment in R&D”, “great change of enterprise” and “user-centered operation”.

In order to “win China and go global”, GWM not only lays out global R&D, production and sales, but also keeps deepening the globalization of brand, technology and talents. GWM aims to sell 4 million vehicles across the world by 2025. New energy vehicle sales will account for 80% of the total sales, with operating revenue exceeding 600 billion CNY. In the next 5 years, its total R&D investment will be up to 100 billion CNY to ensure its technological predominance in creating greener, smarter and safer products for global users. Additionally, GWM will enlarge its pool of global R&D talents. By 2023, its global R&D personnel will exceed 30,000, including 10,000 software development talents.

Through the “great change of enterprise”, GWM will practice its concept of “user-centered” service in real sense to build a brand-new value system in which the enterprise and users operate together through the innovative “user-centered operation” of all aspects and the whole field. GWM will rely on the industrial Internet to deepen the user operation mode of consumer to business (C2B); build a new business model of “products +software+ services” to share fruitful results and achieve win-win situation with users through co-creation.

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