MADLSA Starts Implementing Precautions to Protect Workers from Heat Stress

The Ministry of Administrative Development, Labor and Social Affairs (MADLSA) announced the start of the implementation of its Minister Decision No. (17) for the year 2021 regarding the necessary precautions to protect workers from heat stress in open work sites during the summer period.

According to the decision, which will be implemented immediately to replace Decision No. (16) issued in the year 2007, working hours are fixed for works performed under the sun or open workplaces and in other than shaded and ventilated workplaces, during the period from June 1 to September 15 of each year, whereby it is not permissible to start work from ten in the morning until three thirty in the afternoon.

The Ministry affirms that the employer should set a schedule for determining the daily working hours in accordance with the provisions of this decision, and place this schedule in a conspicuous place to make it easy for all workers to view, and labor inspectors can notice it upon their inspection visits.

Source: Government of Qatar