Major General Iyad Barakat receives the head of the Anti-Corruption Commission

The Commander of the Customs Police Service, Major General Iyad Barakat, received in his office in Ramallah today, Monday, the Head of the Anti-Corruption Commission, Minister Dr. Raed Radwan, where His Excellency gave the guest an explanation about the nature of the device’s work and the qualitative shift that was reflected in the nature of the device’s work and its performance in the field.

He stressed the importance of the relationship with partner agencies and cooperation at the highest levels with the security establishment in achieving the desired goals of advancing the national economy, achieving food and health security, protecting the national economy, and protecting the state’s capabilities.

For his part, he thanked Dr. Radwan, for receiving him well, stressing at the same time the agency’s role in improving the national economy, protecting markets from illegal goods and settlement goods, combating smuggling and tax evasion operations, and its keenness to carry out its role within the required transparency and integrity, and to continuously work to protect its employees and the institution as a whole from falling under suspicion of corruption

Source: Maan News Agency