Martyrdom of Al-Shifa Hospital

Written by: Dr. Sabri Saidam When Shifa is martyred, what humanity are we talking about? When a hospital kills, what kind of humanity are we talking about? With this simple question, one of the survivors of the recent Al-Shifa Hospital massacre in the Gaza Strip expressed the feelings of everyone who lived, observed, and observed the details of the past two weeks and what happened in the aforementioned hospital, which seemed as if Israel wanted to take revenge on it, since it did not provide it with that in its first invasion of it. The argument she made was that there was a center of command and control in it. Al-Shifa Hospital was completely martyred on the morning of April 1, Fool's Day, because everything that was happening was nothing but an unbelievable lie. For a geographical area the size of Singapore to be demolished, killed, wounded, and its people displaced in a time of freedoms and the information and communications revolution, it could only be A kind of fantasy. Al-Shifa Hospital was martyred in the hospital war, in which several other hospitals were assassinated along with it, and the Geneva Convention died with it again, followed on the same day by the death of the Rome and Vienna Conventions, with continued bombing, killing and destruction, and the same day passed with Israel killing seven foreign employees of the World Central Kitchen. And the Palestinians. Death, then, in the Holocaust of the Palestinian people for the year 2023/2024, not only humans, trees, and stones, but also all international agreements, human values ??and morals, but all of humanity died. The number of Palestinian martyrs, roughly from the sea to the river, is equivalent to one million six hundred thousand Americans, three hundred and fifteen thousand British, and three hundred and twenty thousand French. This huge number of martyrs and six months of war are clear evidence of the resounding downfall of everyone who paved the way, supported, assisted, evaded, colluded, and conspired in favor of the continuation of the Ho locaust, which exceeded the Nakba of 1948. Killing one person, regardless of his political, religious, ethnic, or social affiliations, is inevitably a great loss, so what about killing tens of thousands? What would you do if Israel decided to kill hundreds of thousands of Americans, English and French? Of course, this will not only be due to political, humanitarian, and military considerations, but also because racial discrimination has become blatantly clear, which is what was founded on stripping Palestinians and other peoples of their humanity and describing them as 'human animals,' which is what applies according to the abhorrent racial classification to peoples who have been crushed. By the bombs, missiles and missiles of the 'free' world. Of course, we will not accept the killing of anyone, regardless of their nationality, religion, or race, but we are making theoretical comparisons to prove that the world that has reduced the concepts of freedom, democracy, and humanity to itself is the one whose lead ers and parliaments have allowed and legitimized the premeditated and premeditated assassination of the Palestinian identity. The absurdity of the statements has reached unprecedented levels. Months after the statements of the so-called Zionist Heritage Minister Amichai Eliyahu, in which he called for dropping a nuclear bomb on the Gaza Strip, a few days ago Republican Congressman Tim Walberg from Michigan appeared again calling for dropping a nuclear bomb on Gaza. This confirms that the human classification is experiencing a major moral crisis whose aftershocks will hit Gaza and Palestine throughout the earth, as a result of the ongoing Holocaust. Some have described the war on Gaza as a war on hospitals, and perhaps it is more appropriate to describe it as a war on all of humanity, especially since, in light of the global village imposed by the information revolution, we have become emotionally and morally interconnected as human beings, peoples and societies, which means that billions of people around th e world are suffering from what is happening. In Palestine, they are almost innumerable, but what is needed is impact and influence, not just solidarity. Hospitals were assassinated in a war in which Netanyahu aims to assassinate the entire Palestinian identity through displacement, displacement and annihilation. Will the series of crime and slaughter continue? Or will humanity witness an unprecedented awakening? I will not say this this time as I used to conclude my article by saying we wait and see! Rather, I say that we will not wait any longer... and we definitely want to see... in word and deed. Source: Maan News Agency