Meteorological Authority records 8 earthquakes inside Iraq during March

Baghdad, The Meteorological Authority announced, today, Tuesday, that 8 earthquakes were recorded inside Iraq during the month of March. The authority said in a statement, 'The General Authority for Meteorology and Seismic Monitoring, under the supervision of Director General Abdel Azim Abdel Qahar Al-Saadi, issued its special monthly report to the Seismic Monitoring Department for the seismic bulletin and map of seismic activity in Iraq and neighboring regions for the month of March 2024.' The report stated that "the total number of earthquakes recorded in the Iraqi seismic monitoring network for this month reached 22 earthquakes, including 8 earthquakes inside Iraq, 12 earthquakes inside Turkish territory, one earthquake inside the Iranian border, in addition to one earthquake inside Syrian territory." He pointed out that activity outside Iraq was clearly concentrated during March, specifically in Turkey and near its borders with Iraq, in addition to Iran and Syria, according to the tremors that were inc luded in the monthly report of the Iraqi seismic monitoring network. Source: National Iraqi News Agency