New Batch of Experts Takes Legal Oath at Ministry of Justice

Doha: A new batch of experts took the legal oath at the Ministry of Justice on Wednesday as experts accredited before the judicial authorities in the country, in accordance with the regulations set forth in law No. (16) of 2017 regulating the expert work. The experts were handed registration certificates to embark on their duties, after they were registered as experts on the roster with the Experts Department at the Ministry of Justice. The new batch includes 12 experts from national cadres and experts in multiple specializations, including computational expertise, mechanical engineering, real estate appraisal, electrical engineering, maritime field, and food safety, in addition to translation and linguistic proofreading specialty which is debuted for the first time to be included in the roster of experts registered at the Ministry of Justice, constituting a new addition to the roster of experts, and meeting the demand in this field before the courts. Commenting on this occasion, Director of the Experts De partment at the Ministry of Justice Abdullah Bushahab Al Marri emphasized the importance of the role performed by the experts as judges' assistants and one of the core pillars of prompt justice stemming from their legal responsibility in exposing the proofs and evidence with respect to the technical aspects related to a wide diversity of cases. He affirmed that expertise reports play a tremendous role in accelerating the issuance of rulings and adjudication. Al Marri pointed out that the Ministry of Justice is committed to enhancing the capabilities of national experts and providing the expertise that cope with the comprehensive renaissance the State of Qatar is witnessing in multiple fields, emphasizing that the ministry is working to increase the number of experts and diversify their fields of operation, particularly the rare and accurate professional expertise through setting rules that rigorously regulate the method of registering the experts in the rosters and authorizing experts to practice expert work . He added that Experts Department at the Ministry of Justice embarks on fully preparing and rehabilitating the national cadres and expertise to be utilized in meeting the judicial needs within its efforts aimed at activating the provisions of Law No. (16) of 2017 regulating expertise work, indicating that work is ongoing to draw the rare expertise so as to strengthen the efficient expertise work and providing the necessary technical expertise in multiple fields and specializations to achieve the goals of the Ministry of Justice in providing integrated support for the legal and judicial system. For the legal system, the Ministry seeks to provide expertise that keeps pace with the comprehensive renaissance Qatar is experiencing in all fields. Source: Qatar News Agency