North Korea claims successful launch of new IRBM tipped with hypersonic warhead

Seoul, North Korea said Wednesday it has successfully test-fired a new intermediate-range ballistic missile (IRBM) tipped with a hypersonic warhead, saying that all missiles the country has developed are now solid-fuel and nuclear capable with warhead control capability. The South Korean military said Tuesday it detected the firing of an IRBM from the Pyongyang region and the missile flew about 600 kilometers before falling into the East Sea, Yonhap reported. The latest launch came about three months after North Korea test-fired an intermediate-range hypersonic missile on January 14. North Korea conducted a ground jet test last month of a solid-fuel engine for a new IRBM loaded with a hypersonic warhead. North Korea has been ramping up weapons tests this year, including the launches of cruise missiles from sea and land and firing drills involving super-large multiple rocket launchers. Source: Bahrain News Agency