Parliamentary Finance Committee Discusses The Iraqi-Chinese Agreement And Energy Subsidy Projects

The Finance Committee resumed its meetings, headed by MP, Atwan Al-Atwani, Chairman of the Committee, and the presence of its members, where the emphasis was on the need to expedite and invest the time factor in completing the articles and paragraphs of the Federal General Budget Law, in preparation for voting on it.

The media department of the House of Representatives stated in a statement that "the committee hosted, during the meeting, those concerned in the Ministries of Planning, Finance, and the Central Bank of Iraq, to clarify a number of issues included in the general budget law, including the loan mechanism and the obligations of distributing percentages on ongoing strategic projects in the governorates, in order to adapt them in line with implementation of the government program.

The statement added, "The (Iraqi-Chinese) framework agreement was discussed to finance the sums for implementing construction projects (1,000) schools, energy support projects in Iraq, and other projects under the agreement."

Source: National Iraqi News Agency