Publishers to QNA: Literature, Psychology, History are Top Interests of Translators

Doha: Knowledge translated from world languages into Arabic and from Arabic into world languages attracted the interests of readers and visitors to the 33rd Doha International Book Fair, which was reflected in translators keenness to meet the needs of readers in these fields In statements to Qatar News Agency , a number of publishers pointed out that literature in general, and novels in particular, are at the forefront of readers demands, in addition to interest in translated books in the fields of psychology, history, and general medical knowledge. New transformations in crises, such as Covid-19 pandemic, and wars and conflicts have enhanced readers interest in learning about knowledge and sciences that were mostly limited to specialists, which thereby prompted many publishers to showcase their production of translations in these fields, they added. Writer at Hamad Bin Khalifa University Press (HBKU Press), Munira Saad Al-Rumaihi, said that readers and translators are mostly interested in translations of l iterature, as it is a reflection of a world in which we exchange knowledge. she noted that HBKU Press has a strict approach in its translation choices, since it is a bridge to convey literature and knowledge to the world, and to transfer invaluable books and knowledge to Arab readers. Through this approach, HBKU Press have translated international popular books in the fields of fiction into Arabic, besides translating the works of Qatari writers in childrens literature into English, German, Korean and Turkish, which have achieved remarkable success, in addition to distinguished translations in the fields of history and general knowledge, Al-Rumaihi added. For his part, head of the Ebjed Foundation for Translation, Publishing and Distribution in Iraq, translator Hussein Nahaba, said that his works in translating literature to and from Spanish amounted to 41 books, the most prominent of which is the novel; due to readers' interests in Spanish literature, especially following the wave of magical realist novels . Nahaba added that the interests of readers are linked to their age groups, pointing out that most of the visitors to Ebjed pavilion look for translations in the field of history and psychology, while some young readers request translations in the field of human development to enhance their abilities and talents in facing the demands of contemporary life. In turn, supervisor at Egyptian publishing house Aseer Al-Kotob, Alaa Muhammad, said that the translation trends at Aseer Al-Kotob focus on literature in its different classifications, especially modern international series in the field of drama and fantasy, in addition to the works of major contemporary writers in the field of psychology which receive special attention from readers. Muhammad stressed that the quality standard is the basis for readers interest in the houses selections of literature and sciences for translation into Arabic. For his part, head of Kuwait's Basma Publishing and Distribution House, Hamdan Al-Jubairi, pointed out that the Doha International Book Fair is characterized by the diversity of the interests of its visitors, especially in the field of translation from other languages, and that visitors to the Basma pavilion seek translations in the field of novels with a social, philosophical and educational dimension. Educational books related to human development also receive special attention. Therefore, Basma House seek more diversity in their publications in this field. Al-Jubairi pointed out that cultural thought and general medical knowledge received increased attention following the Covid-19 pandemic, as part of the keenness to enhance the prevention of health pandemics. The 33rd Doha International Book Fair witnesses the participation of 515 publishers from 42 countries, with the Sultanate of Oman being the guest of honor. It includes a number of accompanying cultural and artistic events, and continues until May 18t at the Doha Exhibition and Convention Center (DECC). Source: Qatar News Agency