Qatar Universitys Young Scientists Center Wraps Up 7th Problem-Solving Program for Primary Schools

Doha: Qatar Universitys (QU) Young Scientists Center (YSC) concluded the seventh cycle of the Problem-Solving Program for primary school students in a grand closing ceremony at QU. The problem-solving program aims primarily to introduce students to the scientific steps to solve problems and propose applied solutions in the fields of environment and sustainability. Primary schools for boys and girls from the fourth and fifth grades participated in this cycle. During the ceremony, the students presented their scientific posters, raising awareness of several environmental problems that have a significant impact. Through the program, the center provides several scientific workshops and interactive activities to train the students on ways to find innovative solutions to the challenges and problems by following the scientific steps of problem solving. This cycle, the program presented various workshops that addressed interesting scientific topics about environmental problems and the importance of environmental sustainability in order to encourage students to contribute to solving them and educating the community about them to achieve the sustainable development goals. During the workshops, groups of students competed to create and design awareness posters to show the dangers of the environmental problems and propose effective solutions to tackle them. Director of the YSC, Professor Dr. Noora Jabor Al-Thani, commented saying, "The Qatar University Young Scientists Center always seeks to prepare a generation of competent young people who can contribute effectively to create and develop the future of Qatar and the whole world. The problem-solving program for primary school students works to enhance innovation and creativity and develop students abilities to think critically and creatively to meet the national needs and provide them with the scientific skills and competencies necessary to build experiences that will help them make great impact in the future." The participating schools for this cycle are Al Falah Prima ry School for Girls, Al Bayan Primary School for Girls, Khadija Bint Khuwaylid Primary School for Girls, Al Shamal Primary School for Boys, Umm Al Qura Primary School for Boys, and Ibn Al Haitham Primary School for Boys. Among them, three groups of boys schools and three groups of girls schools were nominated for the final ceremony. The groups presented their awareness posters to the judging committee. The winning groups were honored at the final ceremony, where Al Shamal Primary School for Boys won the first place for their category, while the for girls schools, Al Bayan Primary School for Girls won the first place. Source: Qatar News Agency