QM Unveils the Name of the Newest Museum Dedicated to Children and Families in Qatar

Qatar Museums (QM) unveiled yesterday the name of the newest museum dedicated to children and families in Qatar, called "Dadu: Children’s Museum in Qatar". This museum, which is an oasis of stimulating and interactive experiences available in indoor and outdoor spaces, seeks to promote children's development and provoke their curiosity, and encourage them for fruitful cooperation and constructive dialogue. It also provides the necessary tools to encourage creativity and instill a sense of social responsibility, which provides children and their families with spaces dedicated to learning and growth through stimulating methodologies such as open-ended play, exploration, and experimentation.

Commenting on the brand reveal, Essa Al Mannai, Director of Dadu, said: "We are delighted to unveil "Dadu" as the official name of the Children’s Museum of Qatar, a title that expresses the project’s ambition to imprint new ideas and ways of seeing, relating and learning. Dadu’s learning and development model is grounded in child development psychology, brain science and practice. The museum will have a strong focus on instilling the values of creativity, compassion, generosity and responsibility".

"Dadu" is a word in classical Arabic describing marks made in the course of play or creative activity, from footmarks left on the ground to carvings on stones. The word has a strong presence in poetry, where it calls up images of children’s natural instinct for play and their joy and curiosity in exploring the world. The physical traces called "dadu" are evidence that play is always an essential part of childhood.

Source: Government of Qatar