Research investigating the causes and explanations for committing sexual crimes in the West Bank

Jericho Together - A reflection of the research excellence of Al-Istiqlal University, and after diligent research work that continued for years, researcher Dr. Kifah Manasra from Al-Istiqlal University and her partner, Dr. Saeed Burghul from UQAT University in Canada, conducted a field study considered the first of its kind in Palestine and one of the rare studies in the Arab world and internationally in its subject and methodology under the title: 'Confronting the Dark Side of Society: Investigating the Causes and Explanations of Sexual Crimes in the West Bank - Palestine' It was published in The Arab World Geographer (AWG) magazine in Canada, Volume 27, Issue 2 (2024), which is classified within prestigious databases such as Scopus, which is interested in researching the relationship between the land, the environment and people, and Palestine is under colonial colonialism, and this gives it uniqueness in Analysis and results of the study in comparison with experience and international theoretical literatu re in this context. Facing the Dark Side of Society: Identifying Sexual Offenders' Reasoning in the West Bank of Palestine The study was about perpetrators of sexual crimes in Palestinian society who were tried and are serving their sentences in Palestinian correctional and rehabilitation centers and the Hope House for Juvenile Welfare. The study examined the identity, characteristics, and personal dimensions of sexual offenders and the development of their criminal personalities within the Palestinian context and privacy, in addition to highlighting the variables related to the criminal patterns and characteristics of sexual offenders, by conducting in-depth interviews that included the offenders in prisons from Nablus Prison in the north to Al-Dhahiriya Prison in the south. The study produced many exciting results that reflected the relationship between all political and social contexts in how the structure of the criminal personality of the sexual offender develops. In this study, the researcher moved from interest to the victims to those responsible for the sexual criminal act. This achievement comes as a culmination of the specialized research fellowship program with the Palestinian Quebec Science Bridge - UQAT University, Quebec Province - Canada - and in cooperation with the Palestine Academy of Science and Technology. Source: Maan News Agency