Russia Develops 132 Satellites to Provide IoT Services on Earth

Russian company 'Reshetnikov' announced that it has embarked on a project to develop new satellites dedicated to providing the internet of things (IoT) services on Earth.

In a statement on Sunday, the company said that it has signed contracts with the state space corporation "Roscosmos" under which the latter would develop a combination of Marathon-IoT satellites to provide IoT services through operating in low Earth orbits.

Reshetnikov is supposed to develop 5 test satellites and 132 operational Marathon-IoT satellites, whilst the signed contracts stipulated the creation of new facilities for the serial assembly operations of satellites.

In August 2023, the company director Evgeny Nesterov stated that the first Russian satellite from Marathon-IoT dedicated to IoT would be created this year to be further accomplished and tested in 2023 and sent to the launch base.

Source: Qatar News Agency