Russian Defense Ministry: 25 Ukrainian drones shot down last night

The Russian Ministry of Defense announced: 'Over the past night, air defenses shot down 25 Ukrainian drones over the provinces of Belgorod, Rostov, Tula, Bryansk, Astrakhan, the Republic of Crimea, and the Krasnodar Territory.' The Ministry said in a statement: 'Air defense systems shot down two drones over the territory of Rostov Province, one drone was destroyed and two were intercepted over the territory of Belgorod Province, one drone was shot down over the territory of Bryansk Province, one was destroyed over the territory of Tula Province, and three drones were destroyed over On the territory of the Astrakhan Region, 5 drones were shot down and 4 others were intercepted over the Republic of Crimea, and 6 drones were intercepted over the territory of the Krasnodar Region. The Ministry added: 'Two drone boats heading towards the Crimean Peninsula in the Black Sea were destroyed. Source: National Iraqi News Agency