S. Korea Seizes Vessel Suspected of Violating UN Sanctions on N. Korea

Seoul, South Korea has seized a stateless vessel that allegedly engaged in activities in violation of UN sanctions in waters off the country's south coast, security sources said. According to YONHAP, the 3,000-ton cargo ship DEYI, reportedly en route to Russia from North Korea via China, was captured in waters off Yeosu around Saturday, the sources added. Thirteen were aboard the ship, including a Chinese captain and other Chinese and Indonesian crewmembers. South Korea's Coast Guard is said to have moved the ship and docked it in waters off the southeastern port of Busan after the crewmembers refused orders to stop the vessel, it reported. It was not immediately known whether the ship was involved in any sanctions-violating activities. Authorities were reportedly unable to confirm what the vessel is carrying as the crew is refusing to open the cargo hold. UN Resolution 2397, adopted in 2017, allows a country to seize, inspect, and impound any vessel within its territorial waters that is suspected of eng aging in prohibited activities with North Korea. Source: Qatar News Agency