Saad: Israel bears responsibility for the unemployment of more than 500,000 Palestinian workers

Bethlehem - Ma'an - The Secretary-General of the General Federation of Palestinian Trade Unions, Shaher Saad, confirmed during his participation in the International Labor Conference No. (112) of the International Labor Organization at the United Nations headquarters in Geneva that the occupation government bears full legal responsibility due to the unemployment of more than 500,000 workers in the country. Palestine. Saad said that the occupation government prevented more than 225,000 workers from going to their workplaces inside the occupied territories, and caused the unemployment rate to rise to more than 50%, due to the heinous war aimed at exterminating the Palestinian people. Saad explained that the occupation government is persecuting and abusing workers by arresting more than 5,500 Palestinian workers and assaulting them without justification or security reasons, and many of them are still in Israeli detention centers under inhumane conditions. Saad stated that there is no deterrent law for the Isr aeli occupation government, adding that all laws, the constitution, the Declaration of Philadelphia, the principles of decent work, the Fourth Geneva Convention, and the lack of respect for the Forced and Compulsory Labor Convention and the International Labor Organization have all fallen, just as innocents and children have fallen into the hands of the Israeli army. Saad called on the International Labor Organization to cease fire, work to build diverse, competing economies to strengthen employment policies in Palestine, continue planning to absorb workers into the labor market, and fight racist policies. Saad called on the International Labor Organization to move forward towards establishing the Social Security and Social Protection Institution, force Israel to pay workers' allowances, and stop fighting the Palestinian government in withholding clearing allocations that do not return in order to be spent on government employees. Saad concluded his speech to warm applause from the conference participants, stressing that there will be no justice and social protection in Palestine in light of the Israeli occupation. It is noteworthy that the delegations of dozens of countries withdrew from the International Labor Conference when the occupation spokesman began his speech. Source: Maan News Agency