Seven defendants, including one accused of terrorism and an unlicensed weapon, arrested in Baghdad

Baghdad, Federal Police forces arrested 7 defendants, including one accused of terrorism and seized an unlicensed weapon, in Baghdad. The Ministry of the Interior stated in a statement: 'The security effort of the units of the federal police mechanized division, with the support of the intelligence effort and the attached units, resulted in the arrest of seven people accused under various legal articles, including those wanted by the judiciary according to the provisions of Article 4 (of terrorism) and others according to the articles (theft, quarreling, threatening, (scam). It added: 'The detachments of the division seized while carrying out a search duty for unlicensed weapons in (Al-Musafer) area (a Kalashnikov rifle with an ammunition store). The accused and the seized weapon were duly referred to the competent authorities.' Source: National Iraqi News Agency