Team Qatar continue victorious run to win new bronze in Arab Championship

CAIRO - The Qatari shooting team won the bronze medal for the teams in the men's Trap competition in the Arab championship competitions currently held in Egypt and concludes on Saturday, with the participation of more than three hundred male and female shooters representing 15 Arab teams.

Qatar won the bronze medal in the men’s Trap through the shooters Saeed Abu Shareb, Nasser Al Humaidi and Rashid Al Athba during the competition, which witnessed a great challenge among the best teams participating in the tournament, with the gold medal for Egypt, while the Kuwaiti team won the silver medal.

With the conclusion of the Trap competition for teams and the achievement of a bronze medal and the mixed pistol team, in which Osama Al Shaiba and Nasra Muhammad participated in the fourth place, Al Adaam Mission will have finished all the competitions within the Arab Championship program after winning six colored medals, including 3 gold medals that came from Reem Al Sharshani The womens single skeet competition, Rashid Saleh Al Athba and Reem Al Sharshani in the mixed skeet competition, and Aisha Al Suwaidi in the air rifle competition, one silver medal by Rashid Saleh Al Athba in the mens single skeet competition, and two bronze medals by Rashid Saleh Al Athba, Masoud Saleh Al Athba and Ali Al Ishaq in the team skeet competition, Rashid Hamad Al Athba, Nasser Ali Al Hamidi and Saeed Hamad Abu Shareb in the dirt teams competition.

Chairman of the National Shooting Teams Committee, Ali Saeed Al Mannai, praised the successes of Al Adam shooters during their participation in the Arab Championship competitions, ascending the podiums and raising the Qatari flag in this important Arab forum.

Source: Qatar Olympic Committee