Thaer Mukhif to NINA: Collecting parliamentary signatures to reject the government’s decision to increase the prices of improved and premium gasoline.

The Representative of the State of Law Coalition, Thaer Mukhif Al-Jubouri, announced: 'We are collecting parliamentary signatures from all political blocs to reject the government's decision to increase the prices of improved and premium gasoline.' Al-Jubouri promised in a statement to the National Iraqi News Agency (NINA): 'The government's decision to raise these prices was not well thought out and successful, and it dealt a shock to all the Iraqi people, as it was raised significantly, and the government did not take into account the living conditions of the Iraqi people.' He explained that the Iraqi street and the people's representatives in Parliament will not settle for this large increase in fuel prices, which is an unforeseen tax on the Iraqi people, on top of other taxes imposed on them. He indicated that Parliament will reject the government decision to raise gasoline prices, and the rejection will be included in the appendix to the state's general budget for the year 2024. The Council of Minist ers decided in a session on the 26th of last month to increase the price of improved gasoline to 850 dinars per liter and premium gasoline to 1,250 dinars per liter, starting from the first of next May. Source: National Iraqi News Agency