The General Union of Non-Governmental Organizations welcomes the new government’s decisions

Ramallah Together - The General Union of Palestinian Non-Governmental Organizations welcomed the decisions of the first sessions of the nineteenth Palestinian government, which was held in Ramallah yesterday, Tuesday, headed by Dr. Muhammad Mustafa. Dr. Basem Al-Tamimi, President of the General Union, stressed the importance of the Council of Ministers' decision to assign heads of government departments to hold periodic meetings with civil society institutions to discuss common issues, in a way that serves the public interest, and to create effective and sustainable mechanisms for communicating with them. Al-Tamimi added that these decisions, based on the designation decision issued by the President of the State of Palestine, open the way for an effective role for civil society institutions and non-governmental organizations to contribute to the development process leading to national independence. Emphasizing the full readiness of the General Union to cooperate with the government to strengthen partnershi p with Palestinian civil society institutions and organizations on the basis of the highest Palestinian interests. In order to ensure the solidarity of all Palestinians and the involvement of all sectors in achieving the Palestinian priorities at the current stage, which were determined by the Prime Minister to alleviate the suffering of our people in the Gaza Strip, achieve financial stability, and implement a program to reform and develop the performance of government institutions. Source: Maan News Agency